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Benjamin Maisonet  –  Creative Director

Benjamin Maisonet is a composer and producer, originally from Florida, currently residing in Manila, Philippines. A musician for over 20 years, now composing production and trailer music. Benjamin is hugely passionate about making music using his love for classical music and modern synthetic music, and brings the two together in unique interesting ways. He is one of the founders of the Music Factory project. 



Timothy William  –  Producer

Timothy William is a producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist from Orlando, Florida. He produces and composes music for media in the Film, TV, Game, and Production Music industries. Timothy’s number one focus is on the collaborative process, and how to take a piece of music for any project and bring out the best in the music as well as our team’s abilities!



Jem Talaroc  –  Composer

Jem Talaroc is a composer and arranger who works with a wide variety of media from solo instruments to full orchestral works. He holds a masters degree in composition from University of the Philippines, Diliman where he studied under esteemed Filipino composers such as Ramon Pagayon Santos, and Josefino Toledo. He works on film music as well as live orchestral and choral compositions, with a musical style that combines the sophistication of classical music and the accessible simplicity of popular music. He is the first recipient of the Tsang-Houei Hsu Memorial Award courtesy of the Asian Composers League.




Jure Jerebic  –  Composer

Jure Jerebic is a composer and producer, originally from Slovenia, currently residing in Bonn, Germany. A musician for over 17 years, now composing production and trailer music. Passionate about different styles of production music and sound design, heavily into modular and software synthesis, which he uses to bring new approaches and fresh ideas into his compositions.